• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Commandant Welcoming Notes

Alhamdulilah. After weeks of planning and designing the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College’s website, it is now available for online access. Information placed in the portal had been updated for the benefit of both current and prospective course participants. Information can also be extended and accessed by alumni and public too. This website has concise information on general information, academic matters and facilities available.

The college had gone through a long journey ever since the inception in 1972. It had always been among the top prominent professional military colleges in South East Asia. Hence, it is necessary to document the history which include the journey from the origin of Haigate to the present PUSPAHANAS that is presently located in Putrajaya since September 2019. The college has inducted several alumni officers who have attained the appointments of service chiefs into the hall of fame which is among peculiarity and pride of the college.

I am hereby delighted to present our newly enhanced website with necessary pertinent information that are beneficial and targeted especially for the present course participants. It is mobile-ready, intuitive and accessible specifically for the course participants to seek and obtain relevant information. It is purposefully planned for the website to be with fresh look with updated information. Our continuous engagement with visitors and interested parties does not only limited through this website. We are also available through social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Finally, I wanted to personally thank all of you for your continuous support and encourage you to reach out should you have any questions or would like to offer any feedback about how we can make this website even better.

Brigedier Jeneral Hj Fazal bin Hj Abdul Rahman
PAT KAT KMN PNBB (Lebanon) dssc mpat psc MSoc Sc Def Studies (UKM)