• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Academic Programme

In line with the aim of the Malaysian Command and Staff Course which is to prepare selected officers to assume command and staff appointments in a joint environment, The Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College (MAFSC) course of study is rigorously designed with academic and military elements. The college collaborates with the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM) as the leading university in Malaysia for defence studies to provide students with fundamental academic knowledge in military studies.

The programme that had designed by NDUM is following the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) standards. MQA is a body that is responsible for quality assurance of higher education for both the public and private sector. The Post Graduate Diploma programme is at level 7 under the Malaysian Qualification Framework that requires a minimum of 30 credit hours. For further details on this, please refer to “mqa.gov.my”. This is mainly to ensure the course participants benefit from the programme as part of professional development for the military career ahead.

The learning mode for the Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic and Defence Studies is designed based on Outcome Based Education to suit to the adult learning environment (andragogy) which emphasis on blended learning. All course participants will be given access to the NDUM Learning Management System (LMS) in which most of the courseware will be made available through online access. The programme includes learning visits, keynote addresses from service chiefs and IGP, diners’ club, organised forums and conferences, firepower training, group discussions, assignments, tutorials, exercises, exams and many more to develop. As for visits include the comparative study visit include regional and extra-regional, Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA ’21), defence industry, firepower training and many more.

The MAFSC Directing Staff (DS) which consist of senior officers with the rank of at least Lt Col and equivalent from the various corps/trades and specialisation of the three MAF services, provides mentoring to the students during the academic session with NDUM. In addition, the college DS will teach and guide the student to operationalise the concept of operational arts and design from the academic perspective to employ strategy and tactics using planning tools. Prior to the conduct of the programme, the Directing Staff of MAFSC will undergo Training the Trainers programme organised as preparation. The programme is organised by the University of Nottingham Malaysia to inculcate professionalism for the benefit of the course participants.  The conduct of the academic programme is designed in 3 semesters (31 Credits) as follows:

  • Semester 1 (Jan) – Policy and Strategy (12 Credits). Include PSD 5114 Strategic Studies and Security Affairs in Asian Region (4 Credit), PSD 5123 International Relations (IR) (3 Credits), PSD 5133 War Studies, Command and Leadership (WSCL) (3 Credits) and Commandant Paper I (COMPA 1) (2 Credits).
  • Semester 2 (May) – Command, Leadership and Management (10 Credits). Include PSD 5213 Commandant Paper II (COMPA II) (3 Credits), PSD 5224 Malaysian Security and Development Studies (MSDS) (4 Credits) and PSD 5233 Defence Management (DM) (3 Credits)
  • Semester 3 (Aug) – Military Studies: Joint Operations Planning (9 Credits). Include PSD 5313 Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP) (3 Credits), PSD 5323 Military Doctrine, Operations and Strategies (MDOS) (3 Credits) and PSD 5333 Military Practices and War (MPW) (3 Credits).

There are also course participants centric co-curricular activities organised such as sports events, international and cultural night and festive celebration to share the experiences of diverse culture in Malaysia.

Upon successfully completed the course of study, MAFSC confers two qualifications to the graduates namely:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic and Defence Studies.
  • Passed Staff College (psc).