• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021


Alhamdulillah, as a big family, we are blessed with good health and high spirit amidst the high daily Covid-19 cases.   All of these are achieved by staying in focus, maintaining a high level of discipline and giving full cooperation to the measures taken by the College in supporting the government’s plan against the pandemic Covid-19. This latest update on the conduct of MCSC 50/2021 will provide you with general orders and instructions for the forthcoming Semester Three, which will start on 30 Aug 21.

The Board of Governor (BOG) has formally approved Option 3 for the College to resume the course.  Semester Three would be more exciting and of utmost importance since the pinnacle of your study, the Military Module, is laid down here.  As mentioned in the previous Commandant’s Update, the College could not emphasise more the importance of having physical sessions during the Military Module.  These are the avenues that resemble real-life situations where you can learn and apply the military planning and management tools to plan, develop and execute military operations in a complex and joint environment.  In realising Option 3, the followings are some of the compulsory actions that you have to take:

  • Report to Paragon 3 on 292000H Aug 21.
  • Observe strict home self-quarantine starting from 29 Aug 21 until 7 Sep 21.
  • Report to the College on 8 Sep 21 to begin the physical class.

To successfully execute the above-mentioned plan and maximise the physical presence of everyone during Semester Three, the College plans to have all CP and FM/DS divided into the respective operational headquarters “bubbles”.  All group members within the bubbles are to remain within your designated “bubbles” for all activities and minimise direct contact with different bubbles.  This will allow the College to manage any group(s) affected by Covid-19 without closing down the entire College.  You will be informed of this in a separate and more detailed briefing by the Training Department upon arrival at the College.

Our months of experience, acknowledging the importance of good healthcare and abiding by the Covid-19 SOP, has become fruitful and rewarding. With everyone fully vaccinated, coupled with a high level of discipline, I can guarantee you that we can rest assured of the continuity of the physical class during Semester Three.  The first essential step for you to take in moving ahead with this plan is to adhere to the SOP by confining yourself within your apartment units at Paragon 3 and minimise face-to-face contact with your other coursemates.  Meals will be provided as before, with a more viable food collection schedule in line with the College’s effort to minimise contact between the apartment units.

Families and spouses are the most precious assets that help bring us where we are now; thus, their health and well-being have to be taken care of and ranked first on our checklist.  In line with College’s and MAF’s policy in conducting MCSC, it is essential for you to note that Paragon 3 is off-limits to family members except for those allowed due to special needs.  Therefore, while resting and resetting your minds during this Semester Break, please take the opportunity to take care of your family affairs.  I would be glad to see you arriving at Paragon 3 with peace of mind as matters regarding your children, wives and parents are looked after.  As much as possible, the College will assist you in addressing your needs on a case by case basis.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon in the College for the physical conduct of Semester Three.  I am more than confident that with the experience that we have in dealing with Covid-19, we will be able to reap all the benefits of this semester and achieve the objectives of the course successfully.  The College will always continuously explore all viable options and make rational and prudent decisions in ensuring the continuity of the course.  The danger of Covid-19 is always overlooked; therefore,  please adhere to the SOP to ensure own and your families safety.

Insha-Allah, with everyone’s full cooperation, we can make all these materialised as planned.  Stay safe and take care.




24 AUGUST 2021