• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021


10 September 2021 – The Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College (MAFSC) held the Malaysia Independence Day and Malaysia Day 2021 celebration in conjunction with Malaysia National Day is observed on 31 August every year. The event is an essential part of management co-curricular for the Course Participants of the MCSC 50/2021. MAFSC Commandant, Brig Jen Hj Fazal bin Hj Abdul Rahman was the Guest of Honour for the event which took place at PUSPAHANAS Main Auditorium. The event began with the national anthem, Negaraku being played and audiences sang along with enthusiasm. The celebration’s exuberant ambience was fascinated with excitement segments from a video montage on the history of Malaysia and later on the proclamation of Malaysia. Three lady officers representing the Army, Navy and Air Force became the limelight when the trio turned up on the stage for poem recital with a fabulous spirit of patriotism.

Subsequently, the celebration continued with MAFSC Commandant accompanied by the Heads of Department stepped onto the stage for Pulut Kuning cutting. Also accompanied along to the stage was the Course Leader, President of Mess Committee, Hikmat Magazine Chief Editor and the Chairman of Malaysia Independence Day.

The celebration was enlivened with the presentation of mementos to 15 Overseas Course Participants from India, Indonesia, Singapore, United States, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam who had celebrated their Independence Day or National Day respectively. On this special occasion, MAFSC Commandant also gave his motivating speech to all CP to boost their spirit and continue going on for Semester 3 during the duration at this prestigious college. The event concluded at 1230H and the celebration certainly inspired all of audiences in appreciation of the independence that will be left for future generation.