• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022



Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College (MAFS) has successfully completed it’s SRCOS visit for the Course Participants (CPs) of the Malaysian Command And Staff Course (MCSC) serial 51/22. The visit was conducted from 25 – 27 Jul 22 as part of the academic requirement for the course. The objectives of the visit are: to expose CPs to MAF’s capability and operational role in the joint environment and to analyze the challenges faces by MAF’s capability in the Southern Region.

The visit was headed by the Commandant of the MAFSC and involved 23 Faculty Members and Directing Staff and 151 Course Participants, including 34 overseas CPs. Focusing on the MAF’s capability in Southern Regions, SRCOS visit was conducted at RMAF Subang Air Base, Syed Sirajuddin Camp and Terendak Camp. CP’s had an opportunity to have a briefing from the RMAF Squadron operating from the RMAF Subang Air Base, namely the No 2 Sqn, No 8 Sqn, No 16 Sqn and No 20 Sqn on the air operation perspectives followed by the Institute Aviation Medical briefing on MAF Aero Medical capabilities. The visit on the RMAF Subang Air Base then continued with a site visit before ending with an aircraft static display.

During the visit to Syed Sirajuddin Camp, the delegations were given an opportunity to see the capabilities of the Army Wargaming Centre and watched the demonstration on Gap Crossing Capabilities by the 4 Sqn RER (Br) and other Army assets from 11 RAC, 14 RMR (Mech) and 12 Sqn RER. Later, the visit continued to Terendak Camp, where the General on Command of 3 Div briefed on operational capabilities to the delegation. The briefing continued from the 10 Bde (PARA) and Naval Region 1 HQ on the same topics. The SRCOS visit ended with the presentation of a memento as an appreciation to the units involved in this visit.