• Sun. May 19th, 2024

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The Learning Management System (LMS) is an interactive and user-friendly system that are widely used by MAFSC. It is used as a medium to enable lecturers to disseminate relevant information such as lesson plan, power point presentation, lecture notes, pre-class reading materials in the form of contemporary research journals, tutorials and assignments that would be accessible by the students via the internet lines. There can also be links to online materials such as youtube, discussion forums lead by the lecturer and many more interactive online features that could be used depending on the preference of the Lecturer.

Both the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM) and MAFSC has their own LMS respectively using the Moodle application software as their based platform. There was some customisation done to suit the NDUM requirements to the Moodle software. As for the MAFSC LMS, it was delivered together during the development of PUSPAHANAS Complex.

At NDUM, the Course Convenor, who is the main lecturer, on a particular subject would be responsible and given appropriate access to enable the uploading of teaching materials via the LMS. The lecturer can set the time for the materials to be made accessible either immediately or some time ahead that would be accessible by the Course Participants.  Those teaching materials by subjects that are conducted by NDUM will be made available through the NDUM LMS. Every Course Participant will be given a respective login id and password to access the NDUM LMS system. The NDUM LMS System would be accessible using the NDUM portal. 

Meanwhile for subjects conducted by MAFSC, Course Participants could access via the MAFSC LMS. A separate login id and password would be provided to the CPs. Exercise Papers and course materials related to the course conducted by MAFSC will be made available through the MAFSC LMS. Course participants would be given a separate login id and password for the access of MAFSC LMS.

However, the MAFSC LMS is undergoing a routine technical upgrades and system enhancement. Thus, the NDUM e-learning platform will be utilised as the primary platform until further announcement.