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The vision of the College is to be the nation’s centre of excellence for Strategic and Defence Studies in an effort to develop quality leaders with excellence skills in operational planning management in a joint environment.


The aim of the MCSC is to prepare selected officers to assume Command and Staff appointments in a single service and joint operations in integrated and complex environment.


The course is designed to produce military officers who will thrive for excellence and to improve their knowledge. The course has four main objectives as follows:

  • To comprehensively analyse defence and strategy, and understand its implications on Malaysian domestic, regional and international affairs.
  • To rationalize factors and concepts in Military Development and Defence Organisation Management to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of the military in a whole of government environment.
  • To educate CP to assume command and carry out the duties of a Commander or Staff Officer in a Joint, Single and Integrated Environment at the Operational level.
  • To train CP to solve problems rationally and work effectively in an uncertain and ever-changing complex environment.