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The grand finale of the Malaysian Command and Staff Course is the graduation ceremony which is organise by the College and the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM). The graduation ceremony is held to commemorate the Course Participant (CP) who have successfully met the academic and extracurricular requirements for graduation. As the College is responsible to prepare and produce future leaders of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) as well as the Armed Forces of the Overseas Course Participants (OCP) that are attending the course.

The Guest of honour

 Guest of Honour for the Graduation Ceremony of MAFSC is usually the Minister of Defence or the Chief of Defence Forces.


 The MAFSC Board of Governors consist of the Secretary General of MINDEF, Service Chiefs, Senior Officers from the Malaysian Armed Forces, the Vice Chancellor of the National Defence University of Malaysia are among the main invitees. Other invitees include Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Defence Advisors and Family Members of the Course Participants.


A total of eight awards in four categories are given to the Malaysian Course Participants (MCP) and Oversea Course Participants respectively. Awards given are as follows:

  • Commandant’s Award – Best Commandant Paper.
  • National Defence University of Malaysia Award – Best Academic Module.
  • Haigate Award – Best Military Module.
  • MAFSC Board of Governors’ Award – Best Course Participant.


Covid-19 Pandemic era poses challenges to the conduct of the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony for MCSC Serial 49/2020 was conducted in adherence to the COVID-19 Standing Order Procedures (SOP) to ensure safety for all whereby safety distances were strictly enforced. The seating in the auditorium were staggered with empty seats in between. Spouses were invited to observe the graduation ceremony through live streaming from Hikmat Hall.

MCSC 49/2020 had the first ever graduation ceremony held at the PUSPAHANAS auditorium. The graduation ceremony was officiated by the Malaysian Chief of Defence Force, Gen Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Haji Affendi bin Buang RMAF on 24 Sep 2020.  Recipients of Award were:

  • MCP Commandant’s Award – Mej Mohd Mustafa bin Omar RMAF
  • OCP Commandant’s Award – Sqn Ldr Mark Justin Williams (Australia)
  • MCP NDUM Award – Mej Ir. Arjun Gopinathan
  • OCP NDUM Award – Maj Jeremy Mathew Mar Fan (Australia)
  • MCP Haigate Award – Mej Mohamad Aziz bin Ahmad Azhar
  • OCP Haigate Award – Maj Shaun Andrew Michael (Singapore)
  • MCP MAFSC BOG Award – Mej Maslinda binti Masood
  • OCP MAFSC BOG Award – Maj Shaun Andrew Michael (Singapore)