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Board of Governors

The Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College (MAFSC) is overseen by an eminent Board of Governors (BOG) who are committed to the long-term success of the college and the Malaysian Armed Forces future leaders.  

The BOG is collectively responsible for determining the learning environment and mission of the college and for the direction of its activities. This includes a responsibility for determining the ongoing strategic plan of the college are dynamic and vibrant to drive the College to be the premier Professional Military Education institution of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF).  


The BOG comprises the top and prominent military leaders from each of the MAF services and also from the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). Their vast military experience and educational background have been the foundation of the success of the MAFSC since the early years of the college. The distinguished members are:  

  • Chief oDefence Force 
  • Sec Gen MINDEF 
  • Chief of Army 
  • Chief of Navy 
  • Chief of Air Force 
  • Chief of Staff Armed Forces HQ 
  • Deputy VC (Academic & International) Of NDUM

The BOG meetings also attended by: 

  • Assistant Chief of Staff – Human Resource 
  • Assistant Chief of Staff – Defence Operation and Training 
  • Commandant MAFDC 
  • Commandant MAFSC 
  • Malaysian Armed Forces HQ – Education Director 
  • Chief Directing Staff MAFSC 
  • Head of Training Development MAFSC


The BOG has ultimate responsibility for all college activities and for ensuring the efficient and effective management of those activities. The BOG’s other key responsibilities, which cannot be delegated to another body or individual, include:  

  • Determine the College Vision, Mission and Objectives 
  • Endorse the College Strategic Plan and ensure that it is in-line with the Joint Professional Military Education of the MAF 
  • Design of the course curriculum  
  • Qualify the course standard for the award of psc and Post-Grad Diploma 
  • Withdrawal and dismissal of CP 
  • Policy on annual capacity and allocation of financial of an intake 
  • Qualifying entry standard 
  • the effective and efficient use of resources 
  • the appointment, grading, suspension, dismissal and determination of the College Distinguished Fellow